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Smoke Security Protection - preventing intruders

Installing a fogging device such as a Smoke Cloak security system provides instant protection of your business premises from break-ins and theft by unwanted thieves and other intruders.

Most major losses on business premises occur within the first 20 minutes of a break-in, between the activation of your alarm system and response from the police or keyholder arriving at the property.

Smoke security systems provide protection in these vulnerable minutes by generating a virtually impenetrable barrier of fog to intruders in a matter of seconds and forcing thieves to leave frustrated and empty-handed.

Smoke Security systems protect:

  • Banks and Building Societies
  • Designer clothes shops
  • Computer stores
  • Petrol stations
  • Jewellery shops
  • Supermarkets
  • Cigarette kiosks
  • Office premises
  • Warehouses
  • Car showrooms

Smoke Cloak Security

The smoke security system installed by Scorpion Security Systems is 'Smoke Cloak', it does not leave any residues, it doesn't damage equipment or clothing (useful for clothes shops) and is safe for people and pets.

Using Smoke Cloak patented technology, fog density is constantly optimised in the protected area, so even if the intruders smash windows in an attempt to disperse the fog, the fog barrier will remain stubbornly in place. Smoke Cloak has been designed to work seamlessly with existing alarm installations and provide physical protection at the moment of attack.

To have a smoke intruder deterrant system installed, T: 0115 8826 999

Smoke system

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